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Attorney Shaun Whitehead, Newest Member of Oak Park City Council

Attorney Shaun Whitehead, Newest Member of Oak Park City Council The staff at Get1Law is proud to celebrate the appointment of founding partner, Shaun E. Whitehead, to the Oak Park City Council. Mr. Whitehead will be sworn in on January 4, 2021, making him the youngest member to serve the City of Oak Park in this capacity.    “Community service is the lifeblood of all cities,” said Oak Park resident Shaun Whitehead in his application to fill the seat on City Council left vacant after Regina Weiss resigned to become State Representative. Congratulations, and to read more, visit   Oakland County Times.
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Technology & The Law: Focus on Privacy

The law related to technology and privacy is changing fast. The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has an impact far beyond the EU alone and goes into effect May 2018.  US companies doing business in Europe need to pay close attention to GDPR.   The way you obtain consent is vital to compliance and new reporting guideline means companies must act fast.  Failure to comply could result in fines for this act can be upwards of 20M EURO.  We estimate that the average cost to litigate a compliant under GDPR to be $214K, per complaint based on our survey sample of 318 similar privacy actions. Also, in March 2018, US the Clarifying Overseas Use of Data (CLOUD) Act passed in the dark of night now further regulating cross-board data requirements in the US.   But, there are still many unanswered questioned about privacy and the law.   Corporations, big or small, can’t afford to go at it alone.  Navigating this complex roadmap requires a multidisciplinary team to translate requirem

Attorney Shaun Whitehead takes on Social Media Giant on Behalf of Cleveland Resident

Easter Sunday will be a sad reminder of Facebook shooting More must be done to regulate and protect Americans from the dangers of some social media platforms.  Attorney Shaun Whitehead talks more on this topic click to learn more-->   WZZM News 1 3.